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Worship ~ Scripture Poetry ~

Hebrews 11:21 – “By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons and worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.”  NIV

I can worship while I’m washing my dishes, hair or car

I can worship while I’m working, whether home or country far

I can worship while I’m wondering and I’m planning out my day

I can worship while I’m wishing that a pain would go away

I can worship while I’m somber or am happy as I laugh

I can worship, just like Jacob, simply leaning on my staff.



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Always . . . just in time!

Have you ever been at the end of your rope?  You know the old adage, “when you get to the end of your rope tie a knot in it and HANG ON!”  That never works for me.  I always need more than a knot, more than just hanging on.  I require a genuine rescue.  Today I had one of those occasions that required a rescue operation.

Many people today, I’m hearing, have family situations where the children are not speaking to their parents, or the parents are getting a divorce, or the adult children are divorcing – families splitting and people choosing sides; or trying not to choose sides and then feeling like a ping-pong ball being used by one side and then another.  It’s a mess!  That’s my situation and today more accusations were hurled at me like mud being slung in a political race.

God always knows the opportune moment to intervene in my situations and, if He has not yet intervened in your situation, I’m here to give you hope – to help you “hang on” and not give up – because HE IS THERE, actually He is here.

As I considered my options today; whether to respond or not, and if I did what would I say – saying anything would only stoke the fire of the other person and cause me anxiety, pressure, sadness and all those things that come with difficulty.  So, I decided to focus on my work.

I pulled up  my monthly calendar that helps me to, as my boss has taught us, “plan my month, organize my week and execute my day.”  I have taken that concept and developed my own calendar adding a monthly goal and a Bible verse to support that goal.  Immediately I saw my goal and my verse jump out at me like it was surrounded with neon lights – THERE HE WAS – right there in the middle of my plan, organize, execute calendar reminding me that my goal is REST and my verse in support of that goal is from Psalm 37:7-8: Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.  Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret — it leads only to evil.

I said a quick pray of thanksgiving and then decided to work on my devotion verse for the next morning – we do that before we begin our day – I work for a Christian organization.  So, I turned to the selected verse – Isaiah 40:31 – Yep!  The WAIT verse — But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

So the Lord told me today to rest and then to wait.  I have not solved my issue and I don’t think I need to because I am planning on being obedient to His Word and His Holy Spirit.  I’ll be praying that you too can “rest” and “wait. . .” on Him!

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Ways in which God amazes me . . . does He amaze you too?

This blog will be about those things that A MAYZE ME.  That’s a play on my name . . . A for Ava, MAY for my middle name and ZE for the first two letters of my last name then ME.  Get it?

When we read God’s Word and follow the stepping stones God has put in place for us in order to have a life that works and glorifies Him, we often are amazed at how such a big God would take the time to dabble in the minute details of our lives . . . but He does.  When those happen I will post them here.  I want to start keeping track of them because they are occurring more often and, well, HE just A MAYZES ME!

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Dad holds his place in our hearts . . . and in our garage!

In September 2014 my husband and I felt we needed to go to Florida to visit his dad whose cancer had returned.  Hospice was coming in during the week to care for him, but my husband’s brother and sister-in-law had been living with dad caring for his needs 24/7 as well.

He was still able to get around with a wheelchair and walker and even eat meals with us.  When the weekend visit was coming to a close I was about to ask if we could pray before we left.  Dad wasn’t really a praying may, so to speak, but we thought we would ask.  However, before the words could be spoken our sister-in-law asked if we could pray.  And so we did.  In our small circle of clasped hands, with my husband, my sister-in-law, and dad, I prayed.  I asked God to care for Him, I spoke of how I knew He knew about Jesus because he celebrated Christmas.  I’m not sure why I said that, but I thought it might make the connection for him.  You see, he wasn’t one of those people you could just sit down and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with.  At least I didn’t think so.  But I think I was wrong.  As I prayed, at each mention of Jesus, dad would squeeze my hand at what I think was agreement.

A few years ago I had given him a Steps to Peace With God tract.  I told him to read it and use it because I wanted to see him in Heaven one day.  I can still see him going down the stairs to our basement during that visit with us, stopping, turning and looking up at me.  He said, “Well, maybe you’ll go before I do!”  I smiled and said, “Well maybe I will, but I want to  know you’ll be there too someday.”  That was it.  No more was said.  Until the last time I saw him and just before this prayer I reminded him of that event.  I’m not sure he remembered; his mind was fading.  But, oh that prayer.  I am so happy that we felt the urge to go visit him that weekend because he passed away the next.

Dad used to take hit & miss engines to flea markets and especially to the Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Show where he would set up a tent and have all of his engines and the gas cans that he built for sale.  After he passed away we went back a month later to help clean up some of his house and garage items and to honor him by going to the Florida Flywheelers Show with engines in tow.  There we were, the four of us, trying to do what only dad could do.  Many friends came up and asked, “Where’s the old guy who builds the engines?”  They offered condolences at the news of his death.

The guys had sold one engine the first day of the show, but nothing more.  On the last day sis-in-law and I went with the boys.  It was getting near time to close up and the boys went walking around to see what they could find at the flea market.  Sis-in-law came up to me and said, “Let’s pray that we sell two engines in the next 15-minutes.”  So we prayed, right there under our tent with customers walking around – and the guys no where in sight.  Within 15 minutes we had customers.  Sis-in-law called they boys back on her phone and they sold two engines just before closing time.  Isn’t God AMAZING!

We purchased 3 of his engines before we came home – they are lined up in a row in our garage and my husband wheels them outside, puts in some gasoline, and that old familiar sound and smell brings back fond memories of our Dad.

Engines in the Garage


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