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Review of Job Chapter 1, 2, and 3 in Rhyme

I’m teaching a Bible study class and we are currently in the book of Job.  This week I’ve written a Scripture poem from chapters 1-3 . . .

Job lived in the land called Uz, Upright, righteous – that he was

He shunned evil all his days , And sacrificed for sinful ways

His children had their dad to thank, When satan roamed and pulled some rank

The Lord God knew His servant well, And satan thought he’d news to tell

But Job praised God that fateful day, Though beasts and children fell away

The devil, yes that stinking one, Came back again . . . he was not done

From head to toe poor Job had sores, And painful stuff from all his pores

His wife was not a lot of help, “Curse God and die” she had to yelp

Job feared God and held his ground, The friends that came, they made no sound

Poor old Job, in chapter three, Sounds like I would, had it been me.

I often whine and cry and weep, Sometimes I cannot even sleep

Then, when I realize my fault, and read His Word, I’m worth my salt

It lifts me up, it makes me sing, So praise the Lord – YES praise the King!

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