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When I Was Just a Little Girl . . . take 2

My children used to watch Sesame Street and there was a singer on one day by the name of Buffy Sainte-Marie.  She sang a catchy little tune and I remembered all the words to the chorus, but couldn’t remember the verses.  So, I wrote my own.  Actually, it was a joint effort with my husband, Paul.  I’m sure Buffy Sainte-Marie has a copyright on her tune and song, so I’ll not add the words to the chorus, but our verses, mine and Paul’s, goes like this:

When I was just a little girl I walked a mile to school

Simple things meant a lot, we lived the Golden Rule.

We didn’t have computer games or MTV at home,

And little children weren’t afraid to walk the streets alone.

We had a favorite swimmin’ hole just down the road from school,

and all the kids would gather there, we didn’t need a pool!

Sundays were for worship, set aside for rest,

and when we had a job to do we always did out best.

My grandchildren like it, especially Kirsten, who even asked me to play my guitar and sing it for her friends, and she was 12!  That was very special to me, but then, so is Kirsten.


Our trip to Michigan in 2013

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When I Was Just a Little Girl . . .

I realized my need for a Savior and knew I was a sinner at the age of 10. I had heard it preached at church and in addition, my mother and father both modeled a Christ-like life in our home. That year a wonderful little woman, Sister Lore, came as an evangelist to the children. She had suffered from polio so she was unusual, to my 10-year old mind, in that she walked with support from crutches attached to her arms. She was short, plump, grandmotherly in manner, and had gray hair pulled up tightly in a bun on the top of her head.

When she asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus Christ into their heart as their Savior I responded – I walked up to the front of the church and made my confession of faith. Afterward, so as not to be used as a method of coercion, she offered a gift – the girls received a small tea cup and saucer. I do not recall what the boys received.

I am thankful to say, that after all these 51 years since, I may not know what ever happened to that little teacup and saucer . . . but I still have my salvation and always will!

Many years later I wrote a little song based upon those years of living, learning of and believing in Jesus.  I am including it here.  YES, it’s FREE!!  I no longer have copies so I’ve created a PDF of the song from my old paste-up created in 1980.

The title is The Sweet Sweet Story of Jesus.  I hope you will find it a “sweet” song and share it with the children in your life.


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A Family Line . . .

My New Year’s Resolution continues – this week, part of my reading has carried me through the New Testament book of Luke. I dare you to read chapter 3 verses 23-38 and pronounce, if you can, every name in the family line of Jesus. The men in the family line are named with prominent people you might recognize if you are familiar with Scripture . . . names like Joseph, Joshua, Levi, David, Jesse, Boaz, Judah, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, along with Noah and Adam, just to name a few. And those are the ones that are easy to pronounce.

As I thought about my family line, naming the men as in the book of Luke, since I have 5 sisters and 1 brother, naming the men would go like this . . .

Caleb is the son of James, James is the son of Jim, Jim was the son of Clarence, and that’s about as far as I can go. Yet this section of Scripture lists 77 “son-of” instances! People today researching their genealogy find it quite a job going from county offices to libraries, to on-line resources, etc., in order to draw a family tree with all the branches connected.

Yet here, in the Bible, we find the family line of Jesus traced all the way back to Adam, who was the son-of God. AMAZING! Another reason to love God’s Word – it is complete, it is truth. Yes it is! Every word – here’s why I know this . . . well, the Bible says so and I believe that, but my mother said it was true too. I can still remember a song she used to sing . . .

I believe the Bible, oh it is divine, Heaven’s golden sunlight in its pages shine

It lights my way to glory (Heaven) and I’m surely going through

I believe the Bible for I know it’s true.

 Reading on . . .

PS – let me know if you meet my challenge to read those names!

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The Resolution Continues . . .

Numbers with borders

As I continue the journey through my “read-the-Bible-in-a-year” plan I am currently passing through the Book of Numbers.

The name of the Book is appropriate as it is a book of a census of the Israelite people. Today, reading through chapters 4 and 5, I was impressed with the way God assigned duties for each of these clans or tribes and the thousands of people who were included to carry out their assignments.

The LORD told Moses and Aaron to select people 30-50 years of age. This impressed me too because God chose people who were young enough to do the tasks and mature enough to know the importance of those areas in which they would be required to serve. Yet, they were not so old that they would be infirm or unable to carry out the duties assigned.

Now, don’t be offended if you are under 30 or over 50 – because God has a purpose for each one of us no matter our age. But today, this reading through Numbers has helped me in two ways:

  1. It helped me realize that the seasons of life come and go
  2. And that I am to enjoy each one as it comes and wave a fond farewell when it has to go

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing when to do a job and when to step away; than knowing when it is your place to help and when it time to bow out. It makes one miserable to know you belong somewhere you are not or to stay somewhere you are no longer needed.

So, thanks to God for the Old Testament book of Numbers – Reading on!

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