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One of Those Things…

I’ve been watching the popular British TV series Downton Abbey.  When shopping a couple of weeks ago I saw the 6th and final season on the shelf, so I bought it.  It didn’t take long to watch the whole season and now it’s over!   I’m not going to give anything away, just to say it was very good!

After completing season six I decided to start all over at the beginning with season one.  Generally in the evening I have my dinner while watching TV and then play a game or two on my iPad.  I love words games and have achieved high levels on Word Bubbles.  It’s kind of like a circle word game, but the words can take twists and turns all over the board until you find your word.  I was searching for these letters … P E R S U R F L U O U S  and I continued to attempt to fill my puzzle with those letters in THAT particular order, saying over and over in my mind “persurfluous, persurfluous,” etc.

Finally giving up and taking a break I popped Downton Abbey, season one into the DVD player.  As Matthew was walking down the lane with Lord Grantham talking about how he didn’t see the need for a valet to dress and care for his personal needs, stating that he saw them as being “SUPERFLUOUS,”  my ears perked up!  I picked up my iPad and opened my Word Bubbles game.  Sure enough that was the word I was attempting to use, just a little turned around.  Don’t you just love it when things like that happen!?

The mixing up of two or more words, coming up with a funny term like gubble-bum instead of bubble-gum, is called a spoonerism.  I thought the mixing up of letters, like I did with SUPERFLUOUS and PERSURFLUOUS was called something too, but I was in error… it’s called … A MISTAKE!  HA!


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