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In Between

Are you at a point in your life and you seem to be in between?  You’re not old, but you’re no longer young either.  You’re still working, but not quite ready to retire.  Your house is too big, but you don’t want anything smaller.  You know you’ll need a smaller place, but your location is perfect.  You need to start downsizing but packing up things you love seems overwhelming.

That’s where I find myself today.  But I realize my blessings as well because I’ve found these audio messages that give me reason to pause and think it through:

  • The life of Joshua from the Old Testament book of Joshua chapter 3 has been providing me with exactly the encouragement I’ve needed to keep my focus on Jesus and not so much on my age or circumstances. You can hear a 24-minute message about that at this title link entitled  JUST DO IT! by Anne Graham Lotz.
  • As we study Joshua chapter 4 we find reminders from God’s Power in Your Life by Anne and I’m challenged, once again, to remember that my purpose in this life is to glorify God.
  • Moving on in the book of Joshua to chapter 5, I find that there are definite “Strongholds” in my life that this next audio message points out. It gives me new determination to ask God to help me with those things in my life that keep me from conquering my own strongholds in Get Tough With Your Strongholds by Anne.
  • Obviously, it’s impossible to attack and overcome these sins in your life by yourself. Just like Joshua couldn’t defeat Jericho all alone.  He needed the people.  I also need a helper to march around my sin.  I have the Holy Spirit, that Jesus left behind to help me.  But how do I find out the information I need in order to overcome?  Well, it’s through prayer, which Anne points out in this next message from Joshua chapter 7 titled Wrap Your Strongholds in Prayer.  I love this message and hope you will be blessed by it too.
  • Continuing in Joshua chapter 7, I realize that these strongholds (just a nice word for sin), that God sees everything that I’m up to, that I think and that I say. When I’m unkind to someone, He sees that.  If I have negative thoughts, God sees that too.  So, this message by Anne, God Sees Our Sin, points out that God cannot work in and through me if there is “sin in the camp.”  OUCH!  This one hurts, but in a good, lesson learning way.

You can find all of these messages and can download them free to your computer or device at or from this link

I am a task-master at heart and want everything planned out and ready to be activated at a moment’s notice.  But I’m finding out that life works best when you take one day and one project at a time.  Lesson learned!  Check that off!  OOPS, back to that task-master mentality again 😊 Old habits are hard to break, but I’m working on it and that’s a step in the right direction.

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