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Psalm 91 in Rhyme

Psalm 91

I dwell in your shelter, O Most High Go
And Take comfort in your shade

You are my cover, my fort from danger
Of disease I’m not afraid

I am safe within your shelte
Protected by your might

Your faithfulness surrounds me
From your shelter I’ll not take flight

With you no fear in darkness
No terror in day I find

I’m not afraid of night-time noise
Or fear I’ll lose my mind

Although I see fallen comrades
And many they shall be

I know your hand protects me
Their plight shall not touch me

I’ll only see around about
What might have been my fate

And feel again your shelter
From wanton lusts and hate

No wicked thing will touch me
No illness near my home

For angels hover ore’ me
I’ll never be alone

They lift me up, they help me soar
Above the hardened clay

I’ll even tame the animals
They’ll not disturb my day

These blessings, though they’re many
Are mine from your great love

Because I know my Father
Who calls me from above

I know your hand will guide me
Rescue and uphold

My whole life long, you’ll be my song
Till heaven I behold

Ava Zettel



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