A to Z Creations

I’ve been sewing a lot. I love creating something from a few scraps of fabric, some buttons, elastic, zippers, patterns and YouTube video instruction that I’ve learned from someone else. Most often from people I will never meet. So, thank you to all those youtubers out there who willingly share their ideas and instructions with others.

I’ve been making fabric headbands, cosmetic bags, tote bags, small coin purses, Snappy Bags, Bowl Cozies and many other projects over the past few years. Just recently I began making things by the 20s and 30s because I’m, as I’ve been told, an overachiever. Yep, that’s me. When I see a great idea on YouTube, I just can’t wait to make my own. Sometimes I change the pattern to fit my need, and sometimes I just do as they instruct.

The image of the old Singer sewing machine above is one that my husband gave me for our first or second Christmas together back in 1973 or 74. It has belonged to his aunt Jean who owned a fabric store at the time and he purchased it for me. I loved that old machine and have sewn on it for 48 years. Just recently I passed it on to one of our sons to hold onto for my granddaughter, who will be getting married this year. I taught her how to quilt last year and she wants to learn to sew. I thought, what a great machine to learn on. This 75 or so year old Singer is dependable and so quiet… it just hums along. I am sewing on a newer machine that my sister passed on to me when she purchased a new one for herself. This new machine does monograming and all kinds of wonderful things. I love it, but I do miss the Singer.

I’m thinking of starting an ETSY page to sell some of my hand-made creations. I have already sold some of the cosmetic bags, headbands and other miscellaneous things. Not sure just yet if I want to go that route or if anyone will really be interested.