Mary Jane Series ~ Ava’s Children’s Books


Mary Jane Goes to Camp

“For a ten-year-old girl, Mary Jane leads quite a busy life. When Mary Jane goes to a weekend summer camp with her best friend, Sally, she makes a decision that not only impacts her own life, but the lives of her entire family. Mary Jane, who lives on an old farm, has animals to tend and other chores to do. In addition to her barn chores she also has household duties to attend to. She has a dog named Trudy, a cat named Tickles and, among other animals on their farm, one very stubborn mule named Jasper. ”

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Book2 A Lesson That Will Last:  Book 2 in the Mary Jane Series

“Let’s face it. We all have problems in our lives, don’t we? Well, Mary Jane is no exception. Although she is enjoying her newfound faith, she discovers that saying she is a Christian doesn’t make the problems go away. Mary Jane’s parents come to her aid and show her how people in the Bible had problems just like hers. Then a very punctual rooster named Rodney ties it all together, and Mary Jane is back on the right path. ”

This book is available in print and electronic version here.  You can also email me at


Book3A Mysterious Gift:  Book 3 in the Mary Jane Series

Mary Jane’s 12th birthday is reason for celebration. She receives a mysterious gift from a beloved family member. Mary Jane works hard to discover the mystery of her extraordinary gift as she prepares for a special visitor.  Mary Jane is a young girl filled with a strong faith in God. She is diligent in Bible study during her “quiet time” each day. It is during this “quiet time” that she finds a Bible verse with significance and specific meaning, as well as the secret to her mysterious gift.  Mary Jane learns Biblical truths twice: once by memory and once in her heart. She is quick to see how God speaks to her through His Word and gives Him the credit. As she matures in her faith, she learns to be trustworthy, truth-telling, and intent to become more like Jesus. Does she ever lose her amazing ability to find joy in every circumstance? Never!

 This book is available in print and electronic version here.  You can also email me at


Book4An Unexpected Turn:  Book 4 in the Mary Jane Series

This fourth story of Mary Jane’s faithful journey will give you a glimpse into a young girl’s heart and how her love for God drives her to succeed in every area of her life . . . and in every season.  Christmas especially promises to be quite a celebration. Not only does Mary Jane create a unique gift for Uncle Richard, but she finally gets the privilege of sharing the solution to her mysterious box.  This book’s challenge arrives in the form of an eleven-year-old cousin whom Mary Jane hopes to befriend. That has its own unexpected turn of events, giving her another opportunity to stretch her Bible-study muscles. Join me as we learn, along with Mary Jane, how to use God’s Word to guide our daily steps in life.

JUST RELEASED ~ January 2015!!  This book is available here.  You can also email me at


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