Forgiveness…Who Knew!

I’m reading Priscilla Shirer’s book “FERVENT – A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer,” and let me just say WOW! In addition to reading this book I am also in a small group of women who, every Sunday at 7:00 PM, use ZOOM (like Skype) to video chat about the book chapter (Strategy) we have read the past week. This week we are on Strategy 9 Your Hurts – Turning Bitterness to Forgiveness.

What an amazing, breath-of-fresh-air Strategy for successful living in Christ. I like to mark my book up with Washi-Tape so I remember the important parts that I want to look up later – this book is full of highlighted text, taped up paragraphs and margins because there is so much of it that is worth recalling, remembering AND using in my daily life. Read these excerpts and be blessed then RUN, don’t walk, RUN out and buy this book, or get it on your Kindle, iPad or whatever so you too can be FREE!

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