A Strange New Day

We have entered … the Twilight Zone? No, it’s not that. But it is weird, strange, or at least not the normal we are accustomed to. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what this new day is exactly. With the Corona Virus at large, schools canceled, working remotely from home, social distancing and all that is bringing with it in addition to those few things mentioned, we have entered a strange new day.

Rather than be depressed or allow myself to wander around in some sort of self-induced mental fog, I am working hard to understand and keep my mind busy, positive and productive. Work helps with that, of course, but there are a lot of times when I am just me, not working, not enjoying the team work we do on-line, our morning devotions… on-line – all the I.T. questions and fixes I have the opportunity to address throughout the day… on-line, and it’s in those times, when my mind is at rest, that I begin to wonder, to feel something that is quite different. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m working on it.

This morning I picked up my Daily Light first and read Scripture that reinforced my faith. Then I opened Jonathan Cahn’s Book of Mysteries and read today’s entry, day 84 (March 24th)

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And now I have a name for this period of life, at least for me. I’m calling it “Barach” which means in Hebrew to bless, or to kneel. This virus is creating in us an opportunity to re-evaluate our thinking, our way of life, and what we deem as of most importance. When God did that in the Bible it always ended up being a blessing, “Barach” to those who received it. Think of Abraham and Sarah at 90+ years old having their first child (Read Genesis 17) What about Zechariah and Elizabeth as they were blessed with John the Baptist, the forerunner for the Gospel of Jesus! All blessings! Certainly blessing for us who received the promise of eternal life.

So, as the Queen of England would do as she grants knighthood upon her honored subject, I name this day BLESSED – or BARACH. May this day be a blessing to you.

Ava Zettel – March 24th, the 84 day day of 2020


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